Enerpro's TSB family of snubber circuit boards provide high-quality RC snubber circuits in a convenient, connectorized, panel-mountable package. Models with one, two, three and six circuits are available. These boards provide the static power conversion industry with a rugged, reliable snubber product that reduces design time and minimizes inventory requirements.


  • Panel Mountable
  • Fully Connectorized
  • WIMA Metal Film Capacitors
  • Wirewound High-Temperature Ceramic Resistors



TSB Connectorized Snubber Circuit Boards include the following features:

  • The TSB family utilizes WIMA brand high voltage, pulse-rated metal film capacitors exclusively for their superior performance, reliability, and service life.
  • Amp Universal Mate-N- Lok connectors provide easy installation and replacement; connector tooling is identical to all other Enerpro firing and regulator board products.
  • Creepage distances exceed 10 mm (0.4 inches) for operation to 600 Vac as specified in UL-508.
  • All circuit boards are assembled at the Enerpro plant in Goleta, California and are manufactured by a UL-approved fabricator from 2.4 mm thick FR4 fire-resistant fiberglass epoxy laminate with one-ounce copper and full solder mask. All boards are protected with urethane conformal coating per MIL-1-46058, Type UR to provide excellent performance at high line voltages.


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