Enerpro open-frame SCR power control assemblies are fully engineered for high performance in hundreds of open-loop and regulated power control applications, including battery chargers, reversing electrocoagulation rectifiers, wind turbine controllers, industrial plating rectifiers, welding equipment, and motor soft-starters.


PD770 Product Guide

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Key Features:

  • Isolated Base SCR Modules
  • Fully Connectorized,DIN-Rail Terminal Strips and Relays
  • Snubber Boards for Transient Suppression
  • Enable Status and Fault Read-Backs
  • Open Frame, With or Without Mounting Panels
  • Single Phase, Three Phase, or Six Phase Operation
  • 3D CAD Models Available for Easier Systems Integration
  • Customized to Your Application
  • Industry-Standard Digital LSI-Based Firing Circuits
  • Soft-Start and Soft-Stop Circuitry
  • Open Loop or Closed Loop Control (with Enerpro Regulator Boards)
  • Automatic Over-Temperature Protection
  • NEMA Style Enclosures Available


  • Assembled on Wakefield #392 extrusion
  • Compact power control at output currents to 225 A RMS
  • Depicted with optional fan and mounting plate


  • Assembled on low-profile heatsink
  • Terminal block or stud line connections
  • Typical controller configuration depicted


  • PCA or PCM styles on mounting panel
  • High current capability to 1600 A RMS
  • Ideal for forced air plenums or mounting through electrical cabinet walls
  • Typical controller configuration depicted with optional cooling fan and bracket
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