cvr600_hiaEnerpro is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronics, test equipment and controller packages. This include motor starters, battery monitoring and control systems, SCR assemblies, firing boards, snubber boards, regulator boards, test equipment, and controller packages. Fully integrated assemblies including power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers as well as control boards and firing boards for various OEM applications are manufactured in-house. Enerpro is a primary supplier of ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit technology.

Enerpro has been recognized for years as an innovator in electronics packaging solutions that endure harsh and extreme environments, including the high shock and vibration environments that quickly wear out competitive products.

One of the core strengths of ENERPRO is the design and manufacturing of custom products and solutions. We have produced a wide range of custom designs for our customers since 1983, and we continuously work with clients and partners to innovate and extend the capabilities of our well-received components and systems. If you have an unusual requirement or innovative idea for a new or better solution, we would love to talk to you, please contact us.

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  • Enerpro has been the industry standard for more than a decade -- Our boards employ proprietary digital LSI technology to deliver cost-effective and reliable high current "picket fence" gate pulses, soft-start circuitry,and voltage or current control of the delay angle. The delay angle varies with an inverse proportional relationship to the command angle (maximum command equals minimum delay). ENERPRO firing boards can be combined with optional auxiliary firing boards, regulator boards, and special purpose boards to provide a complete control package.
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  • ENERPRO regulator boards are the perfect control package complement for ENERPRO firing boards. Our product line includes stand-alone regulator boards and piggy-back, plug-in boards.
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  • In SCR converters, or AC controllers, a high rate-of-rise in anode-to-cathode voltage, or dV/dt, occurs when a SCR ceases conduction, or when another SCR in the circuit is gated into conduction. High peak voltage is produced when an inductive circuit connected to the SCR is interrupted. The peak and rate-of-rise (dV/dt) of the SCR voltage must be limited to avoid erratic circuit operation and device damage. Connected anode to cathode, the snubber circuit resistor/capacitor limits dV/dt and the metal-oxide-varistor (MOV) limits peak voltage.
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  • The ENERPRO MVTB family accommodates three specific needs. First, they provide the electrical isolation, noise immunity and enhanced safety provided by fiber-optic signal transmission. Second, they meet the stringent power quality regulations of power conversion and control at medium voltages. Third, the ENERPRO MVTB family provides the high open-circuit voltage, high peak currents and short rise time pulses that large systems with in-series or paralleled devices often require from their dc gating.
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  • Each ENERPRO auxiliary firing board provides the ability to drive six to twelve additional SCRs. You can also daisy-chain up to five auxiliary firing boards with a single Enerpro firing board. Auxiliary firing boards can be used with the FCRO4100, FCOG6100, FCOG1200 and FCOVF6100 models.
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  • Enerpro manufactures a wide variety of custom control packages.  For example, we have utilized the industry-standard FCOG6100 or FCOG1200 firing and ISOVLCL3 regulator boards in controller and converter packages that allow the OEM or end user to fabricate current and regulated phase-controlled power supplies with excellent power quality characteristics.Please contact us for more information:Tel:  (800) 576-2114 Tel:  (805) 683-2114
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  • Enerpro open-frame SCR power control assemblies are fully engineered for high performance in hundreds of open-loop and regulated power control applications, including battery chargers, reversing electrocoagulation rectifiers, wind turbine controllers, industrial plating rectifiers, welding equipment, and motor soft-starters.
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