Since 1983, Enerpro has contributed a number of products that have resulted in benefits across a diverse number of industries.

Notable products include:

  • Controllers that synchronize wind turbine powered cage type induction generators with the electric grid.
  • VF rectifiers for hybrid battery-electric vehicles, locomotives, mining truck battery chargers and generator field exciters.
  • 74 V/425 A thyristor rectifiers for locomotives.
  • 15 kW off-line thyristor rectifiers for CAT Scanners.
  • Thyristor firing boards for excitation of electric utility generators.
  • 60 Hz powered 12-pulse battery chargers for electric school and tourist shuttle busses.
  • 3-stage battery charging rectifiers for use on both current production and legacy locomotives.
  • Armature and field rectifiers for oil drill rig dc motors.
  • Medium voltage thyristor firing boards:
    *ABB 60 MW, 33 kV, rectifiers 
    *6.0 kV solid-state motor starter boards
General Products
Locomotive Products