The MVTB family of medium voltage trigger boards offers engineers a turnkey solution for medium voltage SCR systems requiring hardfiring dc gate drive with excellent control electronics isolation. Stringent power quality regulations frequently necessitate power conversion and control at medium voltages. Examples include sub-cycle transfer switches, motor soft-starters and MVDC power distribution associated with distributed generation. The MVTB family of boards fulfills this need, reducing design cycle time and increasing system reliability.


  • Complete Isolation for Control Electronics
  • Optional Fiber- Optic or Transistor Coupled Gate Commands
  • Multiple Independent Inputs for Multi-Phase Circuits
  • Corona-Free Design


The MVTB family incorporates several key features of particular concern with medium voltage systems:

  • Fiber optic gate logic inputs provide enhanced safety, noise immunity, and electrical isolation between the trigger board and external gate logic.
  • Proprietary pulse modules ensure excellent isolation between the trigger board common and the ac mains and are guaranteed for 12.0 kVac minimum corona inception voltage (for 7.2 kVac service grade).
  • Hard-firing DC gate pulses with fast initial rate of rise (4 A/ s) reduce variance in turn-on time for parallel or series devices and provide immunity against gate inversion.
  • The MVTB family accepts the gate pulses produced by all standard Enerpro firing boards to create a completely integrated firing package.
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