Firing Boards

Enerpro has been the industry standard for more than a decade -- Our boards employ proprietary digital LSI technology to deliver cost-effective and reliable high current "picket fence" gate pulses, soft-start circuitry,and voltage or current control of the delay angle. The delay angle varies with an inverse proportional relationship to the command angle (maximum command equals minimum delay). ENERPRO firing boards can be combined with optional auxiliary firing boards, regulator boards, and special purpose boards to provide a complete control package.


From the low-cost FCRO2100 to the two- or four-SCR FCRO4100 firing board, Enerpro single phase firing boards provide the value and reliability Enerpro products are known for. The FCRO2100 is a two-SCR firing board for single phase applications including motor/generator controllers and industrial power supplies. The FCRO4100 is built for single phase applications like AC controllers, two-quadrant bridge rectifiers, and low-cost motor field exciters. With the addition of the PTIR-1 or PTIFL1A boards, the FCRO4100 firing board may also be used in four-quadrant bridge converter configurations.


The industry standard Enerpro FCOG6100 remains a proven solution for industrial power supplies, battery chargers, motor and generator controllers. Other boards feature additional six gate outputs and polarity transition circuits, high voltage tolerant, high output gate pulse transformers and increased creepage distances. Also available are variable frequency versions of the FCOG6100 capable of operation over a decade frequency range of 5KHz.


Enerpro's six phase, 12 SCR boards are designed specifically for twelve-pulse rectifiers and controllers. Gain integral auto-balance circuits to enhance phase balance and add the FCOA1200 auxiliary firing board to maintain all the functionality at line voltages to 900 Vac.

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