Auxiliary Firing Boards

Each ENERPRO auxiliary firing board provides the ability to drive six to twelve additional SCRs. You can also daisy-chain up to five auxiliary firing boards with a single Enerpro firing board. Auxiliary firing boards can be used with the FCRO4100, FCOG6100, FCOG1200 and FCOVE6100 models.

The FCOAUX60 operates in conjunction with the FCOG6100 board, or the FCRO4100 board, where operation of more than six (or four) is required. Typical examples would be paralleled SCR applications and 4-Quadrant operation.


  • Used in Parallel SCR Gating
  • Used in Power Supply Reversing Applications

The FCOREM60 is the high voltage version of the FCOAUX60, when in combination with the FCOHV61 firing board, allows 4-quadrant operation at mains voltage up to 900 VAC. This firing board is used whenever the firing board and the SCR are separated by large distances.


  • High Gate Drive
  • Remote Operation
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